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Pete Jenks

Peter Jenks has owned and operated Sun Guard Auto Tinting since 1972. There are two ways to attract business: you can cut corners on product and work cheap or give your customers quality films that actually perform with high heat rejection. Sun Guard will always seek out the best performing films the world has to offer. As he says ”Don’t go around hot.”

Our attention to detail leads the industry. Attention to detail starts with the finest heat rejecting film the world has to offer. Nano-ceramic is the current state of the art film, which everybody in Florida should consider because of its high overall heat rejection. Its non-metal construction guarantees no electronic interference, important for today’s sophisticated electronics.

Our main objective is to not just make your windows black, but to also make your car noticeably cooler inside. Never select a tint shop based on price alone, because bargain films only give you five percent heat rejection – never a good idea in Florida. Our ceramic films reject 45% – big difference!